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Here are the Top 5 Reasons why you should have a surveillance system installed in your business or residence:

  1. Insurance Costs-  Every year American businesses pay out millions if not billions of dollars to their employees for workers compensation for accidents that aren't work related. By installing a surveillance system, companies can monitor their stores, production lines or any work place and have photographic evidence of specific injuries or accidents. Often, insurance companies will offer discounts for having a surveillance system.
  2. Theft Prevention- People have problems with theft from grocery stores to their homes. Installing surveillance cameras not only can abate theft from outsiders, but can curb internal business theft.
  3. Increase Productivity- Ever wonder what your employees are doing all day? Surveillance systems can track productivity of your workers and work on improving the efficiency of your business.
  4. Internet Viewability- Surveillance systems today allow the CCTV owner to view their business operations or home from another location. The owner could be on a trip in China and still keep an eye of their business or home using Smart Technology.
  5. Peace of Mind- The other reason companies or homeowners get surveillance systems is for peace of mind. Knowing that your assets are protected and having insurance to back up claims makes the system a valid investment.
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